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Je Vais faire une pause Evelyn Jean Gif.


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The Pharmacist & the Waste disposal slid


Painting what we cannot say

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After nearly 9 months in the making, my latest short film "COIN" is out now.

Head over to my You Tube channel Evelyn Art Factor for a look, 

or just visit the film page on the site.

Many cold days filming took place last winter and some intensive editing made it feel like this project would never end.

But I'm pleased to say the results are better than I could have hoped for.

Latest News

Film Festivals and 

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I am excited to be involved in the Art Seeker Island series, hosted by the very talented artist Emma Hill. This series will running through the year and you can catch my episodes as Epiode 7 and 8..

Each artist that appears as a guest has to create their very own Art fantasy island complete with  a book club.

Expect plenty of industrial inner city vibes on the Evie J episode folks.

Additionally there are many other great artists taking part and i highly recommend the series.

Check out the series here

Support the arts by supporting ArtCan


Suppot Art Can who do so much for up and coming artists around the world.

As a non-profit organisation entirely volunteer led, ArtCan do not take commission during our exhibitions; instead selected artists pay a small set fee towards the costs of putting on a show. 

Find out more here.

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