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We are being held hostage, either literally or mentally, we are being held hostage by ourselves, our loved ones and the system we live in.


In this sense we want to be held hostage, using the Kierkegaard theory that humans don't fear anything other than our own choices and that too much freedom can render us with vertigo.

For instance, if you were at the edge of a cliff, you have complete control over your destiny, if someone was to tie you down, the feeling of vertigo would disappear. I cannot throw myself off the cliff.


I once dreamt that I was being held hostage in a hotel that was in a town that suddenly went to war. 


At first, I just could not leave then slowly lost more and more control. Finally, the power went and at this point, I finally thought I had better look out the window. Why I did not think of this before I don't know. Water was running from the small fridge and I realised I would not be able to charge my tablet or phone. How was I going to read on my Kindle app for I-Pad? 


I am unsure whether I want to be held hostage or not!

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